Residential Complex Comfort Town 4

Apartment interior design

AR - 077

Residential Complex Comfort Town 4
  • Year:


  • Object:

    Duplex apartment

  • Location:

    Kiev, Ukraine

  • Style:

    Modern classics

  • Rooms:


  • Area:

    87 м²

  • Basic materials:

    Stone-like tiles, stucco moldings, textile panels, mirror facets, decorative plaster.

The duplex apartment in the Comfort Town residential complex is made in the style of modern classics.

On the first level there is a kitchen-living room, a bedroom, an entrance hall, a dressing room and a bathroom, on the second there is a home office with a seating area, a wardrobe and a laundry room.

The interior of the kitchen-living room is light and airy. The emphasis was placed on the decoration of the wall in the living room area - they used stone-like tiles. ⠀ The kitchen-living room turned out to be very bright - large windows to the full height of the wall (covering both tiers of the apartment) create a feeling of airiness of space, and sunlight floods both the kitchen-living room and the second tier.

Most of the second level is occupied by a home office - with two work tables and niches for storing things.

The special charm of the bedroom interior is created by the decoration: the ceiling was decorated with stucco molding, made to order according to our sketch. Wall decoration behind the headboard - soft textile wall panels. The atmosphere of comfort is also added by windows (2 regular and 1 attic) and a fireplace. The wardrobe is hidden in a niche, next to it is a full-length mirror and a pouf.

A home office was placed on the second attic floor and a small lounge area was equipped.


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