We know how to make an idea a reality

We know how to make 
an idea a reality

We understand how important it is to arrange a comfortable living space and we know how valuable time is. Therefore, when it comes to interior design of your apartment, it is better to trust the professionals who will help create the house of your dreams and save resources such as time, effort and even money.

02.What are we doing

How and what we do



24/7 from the signing of the contract to the delivery of the object.


3D Visualization

From 3 to 5 working days.



Houses, apartments, commercial real estate.


Interior design is expression and freedom of choice

04.Service packages

We know how to make an idea a reality

Package #01Design project 40$ / м²
  • Project design service includes:
  • Measurement plan
  • Dismantling and installation plan of walls and partitions
  • План після перепланування приміщень з розмірами
  • Furniture arrangement drawings
  • Floor coverings and materials scheme
  • Ceiling plan
  • Scheme of sections of the ceiling (complex structures)
  • Lighting plan
  • Circuit breakers
  • Outlet plan with location
  • Plumbing layout plan
  • Sweeps of the walls of each room, indicating materials and areas
  • Lighting specification
  • Finishing materials specification
  • Furniture specification
  • Interior visualization in 3Dmax program
Package #02Copyright support 40 $ / m²
  • Architectural supervision includes personal support of the designer during the entire renovation process from start to finish, including responsibilities:
  • Visit the facility to monitor the progress and quality of work performed in accordance with the design project
  • Take part in the selection of contractors
  • Provide familiarization with the design and working documentation of the customer and the team for construction and repair work
  • Advise contractors on the project during construction and finishing works
  • If necessary, make corrections, clarifications and additions to the working drawings (after dismantling old walls, interior elements and installing new walls, partitions, structures, leveling and installation of floors, walls and ceilings, purchase of furniture and plumbing)
  • Advise the customer and participate in the selection of all the necessary materials, furniture, equipment, plumbing, lamps, textiles, decor, etc.
05.Our features

Our approach and features


Projects, release and interesting material!