Restaurant interior design

02.About style

Restaurant interior design

This is primarily a story about the atmosphere. People come to such places to have fun, enjoy delicious food, feel the atmosphere of the institution. And the competent design of the restaurant only enhances this impression, adding a finishing touch to the overall impression.

**The design should convey the spirit of the establishment.** Ergonomics and conceptuality, which only emphasize the peculiarities of the place, are the best assistants for this transfer. In order for it to be the same, there must be a connecting idea. **Target audience of the restaurant.** This is a factor that directly affects how your site will ultimately look. Determine who you see as your customers because the design of a trendy bar and a family restaurant will be very different. The task of the design is to emphasize the peculiarities of the institution, making it so that, having come once, the guest wants to return to it again and again. **Kitchen.** An equally important factor that plays a role in the design. If your restaurant is a reflection of some of the world's cuisines, add ethnicity. Just do not overdo it on this issue - avoid stereotypes about the country. For example, Japan is not always sakura. It is important to recreate the specifics, not to think in images and patterns. **The location** of the establishment can also be a decisive parameter when choosing the main design idea. If you have a restaurant with a sea view, there is no point in overloading it with heavy classic elements. Beat where your establishment is located, only it should be done easily. In addition, the building where the restaurant is located can play an important role that will play into your hands. **General idea**. Sometimes, a design is created for a restaurant that has a distinct flavor. And then the task of the designer is to directly demonstrate the connection between the peculiarity of the restaurant and its design. It can be a mono-establishment, a restaurant with street food - there are a lot of options, it is only important that the design conveys and strengthens the impression of the place.

**Determination of the main wishes of the customer** - at this stage, a meeting takes place between the designer and the customer, a brief is drawn up. The designer listens to the wishes of the customer, the idea of ​​the establishment and the basic requirements for the project. **Measurements of the premises** - at this stage, the designer takes measurements of the premises, examines the specificity of the object, examines the engineering networks. Development of drawings - planning of all locations of the institution, with strict zoning, according to their intended purpose, thinking over technological zones. **Budgeting** - a conclusion about how much the work of specialists, finishing materials, furniture, etc. will cost. **Visualization** - a representation of how the object will look in the final stage, is carried out using special programs in which you can make a 3D model. Control over the execution of work is a set of actions that are aimed at ensuring that the final result coincides with the visualization of the project and the customer's expectations.

This is a very important story because there are many nuances and rules here. But they are all aimed at satisfying the curiosity of your guest and making him fall in love with your establishment. That is why the work must be done masterfully, with the transfer of the atmosphere of the place. After all, the main thing is the end result - a unique restaurant, nothing like the others, to which you want to return.

03.Service packages

We know how to make idea into reality

Package #01Design project 40$ / м²
  • Project design service includes:
  • Measurement plan
  • Dismantling and installation plan of walls and partitions
  • План після перепланування приміщень з розмірами
  • Furniture arrangement drawings
  • Floor coverings and materials scheme
  • Ceiling plan
  • Scheme of sections of the ceiling (complex structures)
  • Lighting plan
  • Circuit breakers
  • Outlet plan with location
  • Plumbing layout plan
  • Sweeps of the walls of each room, indicating materials and areas
  • Lighting specification
  • Finishing materials specification
  • Furniture specification
  • Interior visualization in 3Dmax program
Package #02Copyright support 40 $ / m²
  • Architectural supervision includes personal support of the designer during the entire renovation process from start to finish, including responsibilities:
  • Visit the facility to monitor the progress and quality of work performed in accordance with the design project
  • Take part in the selection of contractors
  • Provide familiarization with the design and working documentation of the customer and the team for construction and repair work
  • Advise contractors on the project during construction and finishing works
  • If necessary, make corrections, clarifications and additions to the working drawings (after dismantling old walls, interior elements and installing new walls, partitions, structures, leveling and installation of floors, walls and ceilings, purchase of furniture and plumbing)
  • Advise the customer and participate in the selection of all the necessary materials, furniture, equipment, plumbing, lamps, textiles, decor, etc.

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