Children's design: tips from designer Anna Razumova

Children's design: tips from designer Anna Razumova

Children's design: tips from designer Anna Razumova

“Regardless of the size of the children's room, it should be zoned - for rest, play and study. Zoning is the most important principle that teaches a child to be in order from an early age, develops attentiveness and concentration, ”- Anna Razumova, interior designer.

Area for study and creative pursuits

The most suitable place for its location is as close to the window as possible, since there will be the most natural light in the daytime. Mandatory elements for the work area:

  • comfortable table;
  • comfortable chair;
  • additional light sources.
  • Sleeping area

It is better to place the baby's sleeping place in one of the corners of the room. The location of the bed also plays an important role here. It should be located on the opposite side of the window so that, when the child wakes up, he sees a pleasant view. The good interior of the sleeping area will provide vigor for the whole day and an easy early rise.

Play area

The equipment of the play area is determined depending on the free space that remains after the arrangement of the sleeping place and the working area. A soft carpet and a spacious cabinet in which you can put all the toys are required.

The child spends a lot of time in his room: here he plays, mastering new social roles, studies, rests. For harmonious development, it is important that the room creates a sense of security, is age appropriate and helps to meet basic needs.

Other important factors to consider when creating a nursery design

Child's age. The nursery should be designed with the needs of the baby in mind. It is important to equip the room in such a way that it grows with the child. Moving and replacing furniture shouldn't be a problem as your child gets older. Choose a design that is versatile and easy to adapt and update, such as with decor. It is also important to listen to the wishes of the little person when he can voice them - let some ideas seem to you as a temporary hobby, try to realize them and give the child a dream. For example, if your home is home to a young Star Wars fan (like the family of one of our customers), you can choose themed wallpaper for your accent wall. In case of loss of interest and the emergence of new addictions, you can always please your child with a minimum of effort - you just need to change the design of that very wall.

Amount of children. If there is more than one child in the family, ideally, of course, everyone should be allocated a separate room. But it often happens that there is only one room for two children. In this case, you need to be especially careful about the issue of zoning. Each child must have their own sleeping place and work desk: keeping order and cleanliness is everyone's personal area of ​​responsibility. The play area can be shared, but focused on the interests of both kids.

Nursery design is one of the favorite tasks for many designers. Working on such projects is always immersion in a special atmosphere and mood, do not be afraid to entrust the realization of your child's dream to professionals.


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